Welcome to Character Development & Leadership. The topics in this class are designed to be meaningful to your life. Hopefully, you will never say to yourself, "Why are we learning this stuff?" We hope this course will motivate you to become a stronger individual today and a better leader tomorrow. The ultimate goal is to help you become more successful in school, relationships, career and life.

This class will not require you to memorize historical facts or learn complicated math formulas. However, you will be required to think, analyze, problem solve and look at issues from multiple perspectives. We want you to not only learn these traits and principles, but integrate them into your life. We believe that if you do this, many of life's doors will open for you.  

So, my wish and my hope is that you will look at this class as an opportunity. Please don't coast through or do the minimal amount of work to get by. Work hard, read the readings, take your assignments seriously and participate in class/online discussions. If you do, this can be a great class and one that can change your life for the better. 

Dr. Joe Hoedel 

(author of the curriculum and textbook)